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The expert rug cleaning we understand how carefully you’ve chosen your rugs to add style and color to your home. We’re proud to work with you to protect your beautiful possessions so they remain a real asset as the years go by.

It’s such a shame when beautiful rugs become soiled, stained and attract pollutants such as germs, pollen, and smoke – but Amazing cleaning experts are on call to ensure that they’re restored to their former glory.

Cleaning rugs is a specialist task and we use the latest technology to deliver remarkable results. Our five-step rug cleaning system gives our customers 100% satisfaction, with a choice of having the cleaning work done on your own premises or using our pick-up and return service for your convenience.

Rug Cleaning

Amazing cleaning provides specialist cleaning services for antique, oriental, Persian, Chinese, Indian and Native American rugs, all of which have their own particular characteristics of fabric and weave. A luxurious rug is a stylish investment for your home and needs careful handling to prolong its life and allow you to enjoy it to the full.

A freshly-cleaned rug has brighter, clearer colors and is odor and stain free once again. Whether the problem is long-standing marks, smells caused by pets, water or liquid spill damage or just the damage caused by many feet and the passage of time, we will restore to you the beautiful rug you once proudly chose.

Dust Mite Removal

Like carpets, rugs can also attract dust mites, and these need to be dealt with carefully, depending on the type of rug you have. The presence of mites can make problems such as hayfever, asthma, and allergy worse, making life very uncomfortable for your family.Amazing cleaning understands your concern for your family’s well-being. Our specialist dust mite removal service is not only highly efficient but keeps the environment in your home safe and hygienic for everyone.

Contact  AMAZING CLEANING today to talk about the benefits of our professional rug cleaning service and to book a consultation with one of our team.

*Please note that due to the nature of some stains and damage, we cannot always guarantee the total reversal of damage, but we do guarantee that you will receive the highest standards of service and workmanship from qualified technicians. For more information about stains and permanent damage, please visit our stains page.

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